Anti-aerosol respirator
Protect your health from viruses
3M™ Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve Provides Low Breathing Resistance
Securely fits the face, prevents the entry of any infection.
Able to contain 96% of malicious infections, substances.
High-tech filter material with high filtration quality.
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3M™ Cool Flow™ Exhalation Valve provides low breathing resistanceию
Securely fits the face, prevents the entry of any infection.
Capable of holding back 96% of malicious infections, substances.
High-tech filter material with high filtration quality.
The 3M Company is an American multinational corporation also known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. The head office of the company is based in Maypelwood, Minnesota, USA.
Based on the Global 2000 rating of Forbes magazine, the company is 97th in the world..
Benefits of the 9322 AURA 3M Respirator
Low Breathing Resistance Filter: Ensures efficient filter operation while reducing breathing resistance, making breathing easier and more comfortable.
Original 3-panel construction: Suitable for a wide range of facial shapes and sizes, provides a great opportunity for facial movements during conversation, so much more comfortable to wear, easy to store.
Shaped Nose Panel: Curved, low-profile design, fits well with the contours of the nose and eyes, helps ensure a good field of vision, has increased compatibility with safety goggles
Doctors evaluated the effectiveness of the mask 3m against the virus and influenza.
According to experts, this is the best way to fight the infection. According to British Dr. Jake Dunning, the use of 3M masks is relevant everywhere. Mask 3M is easy to dress, tightly adapts to any face shape. Optimal use time is 8-12 hours.
Respirator, 5pc.
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10 USD
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4.99 USD
Respirator, 10pc.
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9.99 USD
Respirator, 20pc.
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17.99 USD
Respirator, 30pc.
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26.99 USD
Respirator, 50pc.
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100 USD
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40.99 USD
Respirator, 100pc.
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200 USD
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84.99 USD
Country of manufacture:
high-tech filter media
Scope of application:
metallurgy, beauty industry, pharmacology, medicine, shipbuilding mining and chemical industry, building industry
Protection against viruses and bacteria, fine dust from metal, wood, fibreglass, polymers, flour, cotton
Conditions of use:
Minimum ambient temperature -30°C
Justin J. Garcia
Comfortable professional respirator. Detains almost 100% of aerosols from the air, easy to breathe.
Benjamin Willoughby
The spreader sits comfortably on the face, there is a metal strip for fixation, to create the relief in the nose area. The elastic bands (two strips) on the dispenser are soft and hold the mask securely. The dispenser has a valve similar to that on a gas mask. The valve prevents dirty air from entering the area behind the filter. I recommend .
Judy R. Nielsen
In connection with the pandemic and quarantine, we in Brazil bought a mask from firm 3M back in January. Very glad to buy it, I recommend the crane, take 10-20 pieces.
Bobby R. Dunn
Excellent respiratory protection against strong dust and different viruses. Does not sweat too much under the mask, which allows you to work comfortably. It fits snugly into the mouth and nose.
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